April Broker Blog

As Southern Elite Realty wraps up a very successful first quarter, we
only continue to look forward in providing great real service to our
clients. I recently set down and wrote what I think defines the type
company that realtors look for in a real estate firm. First is culture.
Great realtors want to be in and atmosphere where they know they are
not alone. They want to know that they are surrounded by others that
their hearts align with. Second is support. Agents want to know that
their Broker and fellow agents have their back and will be there when
needed to cheer them on or pick them up when they fall. The final item I
listed was the bottom line. This subject is something not spoken of
much but it’s very important. Agents work very hard for their
commissions and deserve to receive the best bottom line when the
clients are taken care of and the deal is closed. We have been so blessed
to have God align our real estate family in such a great way and see the
continued success. We have added several real estate rock stars in the
last few weeks, which is very exciting. We are so thankful for each one.
We have also been blessed to see one of our written goals come to life.
We have officially opened our Athens, Alabama branch office. With
Qualified Broker, Don Snow leading the march, we are sure to continue
in great company success.
In going forward with our second quarter we will continue to
study our markets to assure every detail is covered in best serving our
clients. We will continue to have weekly Mastermind Meetings with
our agents to keep them in the game and fresh in the service
department. We will pray often, remain humble and give God the glory.
We will choose our purpose over our profits. We appreciate every
family we can serve. Call today and Let’s call it Sold!